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I’m always looking for natural remedies, because we live under a corrupt government system where healthy water and food are hard to come by.  The good news is that there are ways to circumvent the poison that is pushed to us on a daily basis.  Please take a few minutes to read for the sake of your health.


Our water is filled with toxic chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury, etc. and this is NO ACCIDENT.  I won’t go on a tangent about the purpose of corrupting our water system, even though I reaaaallllly want to.  Getting straight to some solutions to help those who don’t know they’re actually drinking poison; wheatgrass is a natural purifier and completely gets rid of the fluoride in your water (allow the wheatgrass to sit in your water for several minutes).   Everyone should have some sort of filter system that eliminates these radicals, but if you don’t, try local grocery stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes (they MAY have it) for your wheatgrass supply, or you can order it online.  I would suggest ordering the kits, so you can grow your own.


Many people overlook the health benefits of baking soda, but there are MANY.  One of its greatest benefits is to water.  Adding ¼ teaspoon to every 16 oz. of water will make it more alkaline.  One of the main causes of DIS-EASE is the extreme build up of lactic acid in our bodies.  This is caused from our poor drinking water and the amount of processed foods, sugar, and meat in our diet.  Our bodies were originally designed for an alkaline diet of fruits and vegetables and we’ve drastically strayed away from this.  As a result, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and too many diseases to count are rampant.  Drinking alkalized water is a start, so make sure to get ALUMINUM FREE Baking Soda (not Arm & Hammers) on your next grocery trip.

This household item can also be used for under arm odor.  Yes, I know it sounds weird to put a baking soda/cornstarch paste under your arms, but the alternative is an aluminum based deodorant that is linked to several health problems.   Many of the symptoms of aluminum toxicity mimic those of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. Colic, rickets, gastrointestinal problems, interference with the metabolism of calcium, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones, and aching muscles can all be caused by aluminum toxicity.  You can order aluminum-free deodorant online or from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.


Fluoride is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It is a cumulative poison that accumulates in bone over the years. According to the Physicians Desk Reference, “in hypersensitive individuals, fluorides occasionally cause skin eruptions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, or urticaria. Gastric distress, headache, and weakness have also been reported. These hypersensitive reactions usually disappear promptly after discontinuation of the fluoride.”  Fluoride has also been linked to cancer.  In 1989, the ability of fluoride to transform normal cells into cancer cells was confirmed by Argonne National Laboratories.  SO, it is VERY important that you buy natural toothpaste.  Some grocers such Whole Foods and Trader Joes carry toothpaste without fluoride, or you can use baking soda or peroxide to brush your teeth.  They’re more efficient in killing bacteria than toothpaste or mouthwash.

PLEASE REMEMBER The most important factor to your health is your DIET.  Try to minimize the meat or completely get rid of it, especially red meat.  Eating plenty of organic greens and vegetables is the key, along with a healthy supply of water and exercise.  If you struggle with vegetables like I do, try mixing them in foods you like to mask the taste.  One green that anyone should be able to tolerate is spinach leaves.  It doesn’t taste like anything and makes for a great salad.  If I can eat it, TRUST ME you can.  I’m honestly the pickiest eater on the planet.

I’ll be updating my healthy tips along the way, as I’m learning new alternatives every day.  Stay tuned in to my blog to see what’s new!!!

Until next time…

Less Talk, More Action!

Warning! This post may cause some to feel guilty about their lack of charitable activity.  If this is you, suffice it to say that you do have a conscience that wants to work for the good :-).  Instead of harping on those feelings of guilt, make the decision to help someone in need.

“To whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48).

As many of you know, I have a deep love and passion for my mother country, Africa.  This affection has increased my desire in donating to charitable organizations who are working towards making a better life for Africans in need.  When you compare the dire situation of our distant family, most of us live a life blessed beyond measure.  Yes, we may have to work hard, but we have the things we NEED and a lot of the things we desire.  While looking through my closet the other day and deciding which clothes to get rid of this year, my spirit hit me with the thought of opening my closet to those in need.  Then I thought, “Buying one less shirt/clothing item a month means someone in Africa gets to eat for that month if I donate the money.”

While researching different charitable organizations, I found an orphanage located in Kenya whose mission is providing food, shelter, medication, and education to orphaned kids.  It was founded by Emily Odera, a Kenyan, who was troubled by the post election violence of 2008 and sights of abandoned children (as a result of their parents being murdered) carrying other children, looking sad and hungry with their eyes showing signs of sleepless nights.  She immediately opened her home to 30 children and some villagers initially; since then the orphanage has grown to 70 children of which 23 are HIV positive.  Although she receives donations, it’s a struggle to keep so many children fed, clothed, and with proper medication.  Emily states, “I gave my home, my land to the children of my village left orphaned from the violence. I can’t do it all on my own. Please help me”.

I am spreading the word to anyone who is interested in donating.  I’ve also provided the link to the Ket Wangi Orphanage (1st link) as well as other organizations you may be interested in helping (2nd link).  All it takes is each person sacrificing a little to bless another in need.

Peace and Blessings…

Just a Girl loving her Curls…

My last relaxer occurred in February of 2011.  I remember looking in the mirror and being totally disgusted/bored with the limp hair that was sticking to my head.  I asked myself, “Why am I doing this?”  “Where’s the versatility, the texture, the variety?”  See, I can remember the days, pre-relaxer, when my hair curled/waved after washing it, but, it also frizzed up on a rainy day or during/after a basketball game.  In my young, immature days I was tired of the frizz and I wanted my hair to be more “manageable.”  I was also confronted with the girls at school who had bone straight hair from relaxing it and their hair seemed prettier than mine for some reason.  So, I begged my mom to take me to the salon and get rid of this frizzy mess for a sleeker, swingier look.  She relented when I turned 13 and thus, my journey with the creamy crack began.  I can still remember all of the compliments I received the next day walking down the 8th grade hallway of Apex Middle School.  My hair had NEVER received so much attention!  Needless to say I was on cloud nine of my first “relaxed” day and the love affair lasted for about a year before reality began to set in…

Breakage, dry and limp hair, occasional burns…Really, what was the point in doing this to my hair??  If Black women are totally honest with themselves, they can admit that relaxers are a deeper psychological issue than we’d care to discuss.  Yes, there’s the issue of “manageability” and straight hair being forced on some of us by parents at a young age, so it’s all some women know.  However, as we get older each woman is more knowledgeable (or should be) about the damaging effects of relaxers.  And as the saying goes, “once you know better, you do better.”  Relaxers literally and permanently strip your hair of all of its protein and leave it so weakened it’s a miracle we still walk away with hair on our head after the process.  Research has also linked relaxers to a green film that surrounds the brain of women with relaxers AND Uterine Fibroid tumors.  I know some of you question the research out there, so let me make a simpler statement…any chemical that can burn your scalp, probably shouldn’t be applied to it!  But, I understand old habits die hard.  I failed in my first attempt to be relaxer free in 2010.  Getting back to the psychological issue of relaxers, we need to ask ourselves…who gave us our perception of beauty?  Why do we think straight hair is prettier and more manageable?  Why do young African-American girls always look at White hair as “good” hair??  Well, we have a Caucasian-obsessed society to thank for that.  Everyday we’re programmed with TV commercials/shows, billboards, magazines, etc. that all push the idea that straight sleek hair is the prettiest.  But once you OVERSTAND, you are less impressed with their features and ways.  I wouldn’t trade my curly/kinky hair for anything.  Our hair is the most versatile being able to sport braids, twists, curls, locs, and the straight look.

Now I will say that relearning your hair requires patience and creativity.  Finding out what products and styles work best for you takes time and practice; it helps to have friends who’ve taken the journey before or at the same time as you.  Don’t be afraid to break out old and new hair accessories, try different twist styles (e.g., flat twists, two-strand, bantu knots, etc.), or just wear the wash n’ go look (I decided to transition instead of doing the Big Chop, so I’ve yet to try this one).  You will fall in love with the healthiness, resilience, and variety in your hair.  If you’re just starting out, youtube will be your best source for product reviews and styling tips.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Just remember to enjoy this journey and embrace the beauty that lies within your coils.

Now I’m not judging anyone who chooses to relax their hair, everyone’s journey is their own.  It’s just my firm belief that getting back to the natural you is the best and healthiest decision, because it’s how the Most High created you.

Until next time…


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If you watched the BET Honors this past Monday, you happened to have the pleasure of hearing a new voice with substance, held by Luke James. I usually have the habit of giving debuting artists the side eye, thinking “lord, I’m probably going to be disappointed.” But, I was pleasantly surprised and knew this man had real talent, just after his opening verse. I was singing along by the middle of his performance, with a soulful tap of the foot and sway of the head (all of my African-Americans know that church sway, lol); like I’d heard the song a gazillion times. And the true critic, my sister Ariel, even called to shout into my phone, “Girl he can SANG!!! AND he’s ca-ute too!”  lol!  Needless to say, I was so happy to see an African-American male singer talking about true love and dissing his past of one night stands. I look forward to hearing more from this New Orleans native, until then, his rendition “I Want You” will be on replay. I hope there’s more soul and love to come from this brother’s music!

ILLUMINATI…Does it or does it not exist?

We’ve all heard the name uttered when conspiracy theories arise, but who or what does this group consist of?  It’s my opinion that we’ve been staring this group right in the face all along, but have become so programmed that we don’t even see it.  For instance, we live in a world where our food and water are filled with poison….steroids are illegal in sports, yet they are pumped into our chicken and FDA approved.  Vaccinations and prescription drugs increase the likelihood of other diseases while preventing, not healing the symptoms of others.  But let’s get back to the most important part of this, WATER.  Our bodies consist of 55-60% water, yet the most important resource to human survival isn’t safe to drink unless you have an expensive filter??  You can forget about bottled water, still poison.  Another pressing issue….have you heard of rain barrels?  People are attaching these barrels to their homes to collect and filter natural rain water, but states are beginning to make this illegal (Colorado, Utah and Washington), because, and I quote “the rain belongs to someone else.”  Okay, let’s go with this logic….the only one rain water would belong to is God, Allah, Most High, The Great Spirit….there are several names for the same spirit.  And you’re telling me that our Creator would want to charge us for this natural resource????  Political bodies under the GOVERNMENT build platforms around abortion, gay marriage, taxes, healthcare, etc. (all of which ARE important matters), but the very things we consume for sustenance are actually harming us and nothing is done about it.  We eat genetically modified foods every day, and the GOVERNMENT doesn’t bat an eye.  McDonalds and other fast food restaurants have actually confessed to feeding us some sort of paste passed off as burgers and chicken, yet they’re still in business.  AND WE’RE NOT OUTRAGED YET???  Programming at its best.

Getting back to the Illuminati….do I believe there is a group that exists by this name?? NO.  Do I believe there is an institution that is just as, or even more corrupt than the Illuminati group society has created?? ABSOLUTELY.  And the reason it’s worked successfully is due to its genius strategy…it works under the guise of God and morality.  It reminds us every day on our currency…”In God we trust”, while it also sports the all seeing eye of Osiris (but don’t they teach in school that Egyptian religion is pagan worship???).  We work for them and don’t even know it.  Just look at your closet and household and ask yourself, “Do I really need all of this?”  The answer is, of course not.  But we’ve bought into consumerism and materialism without even being conscious of it.  Just think about Christmas and Valentine’s day and what they’ve become.  It’s all about buying gifts to show our LOVE… really ludicrous when you think about it.  And they laugh all the way to the bank.  Meanwhile, we believe in the great Government (it’s really just a group of bankers) of America, the “land of the free.”  At the same time, we’re enslaved to debt just for the cause of trying to advance ourselves through education.  FRUSTRATED YET?

I could go on and on, but then it would be a book J.  Let me just conclude with saying this….QUESTION EVERYTHING.  I’ll give you few points to start with.  1.)  Is it a coincidence that ALL of the presidents, except one (Martin Van Buren), are related to the former king of England (John Plantagenet, King of England 1166)?  2.)  Look into the history of the Rothschild family; I mean, really dig deep.  The bankers pull all the strings…  3.)  What are racism and supremacy really about?  Look into the benefits of melanin, the pineal gland, and genetic annihilation (our genetic makeup is the strongest on this planet and THEY know this).  4.)  Here’s a really touchy point…RELIGION.  Go back and study Kemetic spirituality.  You’ll find some “coincidences” that can’t be ignored.

Like Yeshua (the African) said, “study to show yourself approved.”

Until next time,


Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Ray Charles, Chaka Khan, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston….these are just a small few of amazing artists who’ve have blessed several generations with great music.  From the days of our great-grand parents up until the early 90’s (artists like MJ and Whitney saved our generation from having no greats at all) music focused on the substance of life.  The radio consistently played love stories, a man getting to know a woman and respecting her for more than her body parts, a man who was so in love he would do anything for his woman.  Nowadays, all we hear is, “lemme hit”, “b@%tch you got a fat a%#”, “I only want a one night stand”, and so forth.  We now live in a society where casual sex, objectifying women, and killing our brothers are glorified.  No wonder the STD, teen pregnancy, and homicide rates are so high.  Of course parenting, or lack thereof, plays a huge part, but artists who should be providing an example to youth are selling out for a check (THAT THE WHITE MAN GIVES THEM).  If you think about who is at the top of the industry, it makes perfect sense why Lil’ Wayne is a household name when it comes to music.  However, it doesn’t mean we have to accept it.  We must PROTECT our children from the attempts of those at the top to dumb them down.

I’ve been guilty of nodding my head, mouthing the lyrics to a less than worthy song; we all have.  But I’ve increasingly grown tired of the trash- I can’t even call it music- that is pushed mainstream.  We all saw Nicki Minaj’s grammy performance the other night, and I was mortified at the spectacle that was allowed on stage.  Not to mention her new song, “You a Stupid Hoe” is what our young girls will be chanting.  No more days of Public Enemy and KRS ONE; artists who devoted their music, for the most part, to calling out the injustices of this society- especially the oppression that we as a people face.   Now, mainstream rappers only talk about how much money and girls they have and who they’ve shot.  If this is what the industry chooses to be, we must make a choice if not for ourselves but for our children, to reject it.  I’m stacking up on my collection of records because I fear it will only get worse. In fact, I’m listening to Dizzy Gillespie right now.

Luckily, the GREATS still live on through their records.  Let’s get back to real music!


“I have nothing in common with Africans”; “I’m not from Africa, I’m from Chicago” (or some other state);  “It’s easier to just say Black”….We’ve all heard these sort of statements from family and/or friends, or even been guilty of saying it ourselves.  But have we ever really reflected on the absurdity of such statements?  I honestly believe that some “Black” people involuntarily forget that they are African.  Imagine a Chinese person saying, “I’m not Asian, I’m Yellow” or a Native American person saying, “I’m not Indian, I’m Red.”  We would most surely confront them with a blank stare, thinking “they can’t be serious.”  But this is exactly what we’re saying to the world; don’t affix me with the lineage of my dna, my roots, my ancestors…just label me a color.  I could see if we’d taken the liberty of giving ourselves this label, but this was a name slapped on us by lazy oppressors such as the Spaniards and Europeans, AND WE ACCEPT IT.  Our ancestors who lived during slavery didn’t have a choice, however, we being a part of the “free thinking generation” should see the oppressor’s label for what it really is (a removal of our lineage) and reclaim the glorious title of being AFRICAN.

Our lineage claims the first king known to the world, King Menes; the richest king to ever exist, King Mansa Musa; the greatest physician and scientist, Imhotep; arguably the first president of America, John Hanson…the list goes on and on.  We were the first world travelers, domesticators, agriculturalists, astrologists, and rulers.  This is what I would choose to attach my label to.  SO, no “Black” for me, I’m more than just a color.  I’m AFRICAN-AMERICAN or just plain AFRICAN if someone is feeling lazy.  But whatever you call me, make sure it’s related to the culture, history, and most importantly the land of my people…AFRICA.


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